CBD Oral Spray

White- Label-CBD Oral Spray USA

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Wholesale bulk CBD also deals in CBD oral spray which delivers very high dose of hemp-derived CBD into the consumer’s mouth. Our CBD oral sprays has the most effective and quick absorption as compared to other products available in the market today.

Wholesale bulk CBD can provide private labeling services for your brand for the following CBD oral sprays we offer:

  • CBD Weight loss Spray
  • CBD Energy & Focus Spray
  • CBD Sleep Support Spray
  • CBD Anti-Stress Spray
  • CBD Pain Relief Spray

How CBD oral spray helps?

Wholesale bulk CBD produces oral spray which absorbs almost 90% of the content in a matter of seconds and allowing your body to fully consume all the important nutrients available in our oral sprays.

With the help of absorption, the best thing which happens is the nutrients does directly into the consumers blood streams and then into the cell. Our oral spray are being formulated for each individual needs.